Dick Gregory Talks Django Unchained & Goes In On Spike Lee!!

Dick Gregory is a big fan of Django Unchained

Dick Gregory is a big fan of Django Unchained

Dick Gregory is a well respected man throughout the world and when he talks people tend to listen. In this interview Dick Gregory talks Django Unchained and his opinion on the controversy surrounding it. He was particularly vocal on what he thought of Spike Lee’s stance on the movie.

Dick Gregory has been an influential voice in the United States for over half a century.He was very active during the civil rights movement of the 60’s. He used his comedy to both entertain and provide a platform to speak on civil rights, to both white and black people and is credited with using his comedy to help break down barriers and speak frankly to a white audience who weren’t always willing to listen otherwise.

Recently he spoke to We All Be TV regarding Django Unchained, his thoughts on Spike Lee’s opposition to the movie and the word ‘nigger’. Firstly he was full of praise for the film and the story that it told which, in his opinion has never been told before:

“…never in the history of Hollywood have they ever made anything that freed the inside of me…I’m looking at a western and a love story…”

Gregory holds the film in the highest regard but his views on Spike Lee, the film’s most noted detractor, are far from complimentary and he seems angry Spike Lee is speaking out without even seeing the movie:

Dick Gregory Talks Django Unchained

Gregory believes Spike Lee’s films are not all positive for the image of black people

“…you’ve never seen a love story about a black man and a black woman that wasn’t some old foul sex and some foul language, and Spike Lee can’t appreciate that? That little thug ain’t even seen the movie…he’s acting like he’s white”

He also believes that Spike Lee should take a look at what his own work portrays before he starts speaking out against others:

“When I look at all the black entertainers that know Spike Lee I think’ how you gonna be attacking [Quentin Tarantino] and don’t be attacking [Spike Lee]…it offended my ancestors when you did She’s Gotta Have it and some of them other thug movies you did. When you took Malcolm X and put a zoot suit on him…did that offend your ancestors punk?”

He then goes on to talk about the word ‘nigger’, it’s connotations it’s place in the world it’s abolishment from acceptable language and a little bit of history thrown in for good measure. Be prepared people, he goes deep!

Most of this stuff is interesting listening, a few bits I may have to read up on before I fully agree with what he has to say. I’m honestly surprised that he came out so strongly in support of the film as no one outside of the cast has yet.

It’s good to see someone who speaks their mind for a reason other than trying to get into the headlines and I agree with his views on Spike Lee. You can’t judge a film that you haven’t seen. You can say you don’t like it but you can’t critique its contents if you don’t know what they are and, Tarantino isn’t making a documentary on slavery he is making a fictional story set in slave times which may have elements of historical accuracy. He’s not the first white person to make a film including slavery or racism and he has made films the way he knows how.

Check out the interview and see what you think yourself.

Dick Gregory Talks Django Unchained, Spike Lee and the Word Nigger


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