New Music Video | Gamu – Shake The Room


New Music Video | Gamu - Shake The RoomWho can forget Gamu Nhengu, the cutesy singer who auditioned for X Factor in 2010 with a brilliant rendition of  Katrina and The Waves Walking On Sunshine. The crowd loved it, judges love it and the audience at home loved it. She became a firm favourite with the public and managed to get all the way to judges house and then Miss Cheryl  because-i’m-not-worth-it Cole decided to throw a rusty spanner in the works and send her home, over her doppleganger rapper Cher Lloyd. Well I tell ya, the whole world of The UK went nuts. People wanted Cheryl fired (myself included), X Factor to end and simply for the show to ‘Bring Gamu Back’. (they didnt smh)

However fast forward 3 years and Gamu is back with a stomping single called Shake The Room ( No it’s not a Will Smith cover)

Gamu says:-

‘It was all about what direction I wanted to take, about trying to find who I was. Most of the songs are about love, because I wanted to sing about what I knew. ‘I wanted things I could relate to: being in love, and heartbreak. The same things any young person will write about, really.’

Music has always been a big part of her life and it has helped her through many tough times.She said: ‘Music has always been an escape for me. I wrote my first song when I was six, and even in nursery school, I was in every play. ‘If you’re African, music is embedded in you. If you’re doing the dishes, you’re singing.’ 

Source: The Mail

The song is an upbeat pop song, but with an old school flavour which goes really well with her soulful voice, it would have been just as good without the rap…but hey. In the video we see Gamu donning a range of clothes and busting a few funky moves or two. Great song and Great video.


Shake The Room


Gamu’s audition

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